How to: Brand Yourself As A Rapper/Artist in 2022? | SoundsByFrenk

How to: Brand Yourself As A Rapper/Artist in 2022? | SoundsByFrenk


Hip-hop music has been popular for a while now and people are starting to understand that ‘Rap’ is possible for (almost) everyone who has a desire to become the best in his or her genre. Hip-hop music has become something of a phenomenon. There are a lot of successful rappers who often tell and show everyone everything about how wealthy they are and how many parties they throw, sounds interesting right?

Still, there are many rappers who cannot cut through the noise online. That is why I asked one of my closest friends, who also is a rapper, what his biggest struggle was.

After a few days he responded and he told me:

“I, and many others, are not sure how to get our names out there. I am making music for such a long time now, but no one is actually listening and I am not getting the exposure, my opinion, what I deserve.”

That started to ‘crack’ my brains. I wanted to place myself in his life and I wanted to know which problems he faced when he was trying to market himself.

And that made me think: “If I understand his problems, then I understand almost everyone’s (basic) problems!”

Conclusion? Read this blog post if you want to learn how to get your name out as a rapper/artist in 2022.

Lesson 1 | It all starts with a desire

You probably know that I make two new industry ready trap instrumentals every single day. So, what does that mean? It means that I spent an average of 8 hours every day on producing music, improving my skills and learning new things. And I am not even mentioning the fact that I am building my ‘way’ towards success, because I am consistently trying to create my own style of music.

What I want to tell you with this is that you need to practice, in order to become a professional. My opinion about that? I am 100% sure that you are going to become the person who you want to become if you write new lyrics and practice your freestyles every single day day.

  • Bonus Story

Do you know who Thomas Edison is? Do you know how many times he actually failed before he finally was able to create the electric light bulb? 10.000 times! Thomas is such an inspiration for me. Think about this: if it actually takes 10.000 times to make something the entire world is (still) using, how many ‘tries’ will it take before my song starts to blow up? How many tries will it take before I get my name out there? How many music do I have to write before I finally create ‘that’ perfect album? This is not to de-motivate you, instead, this is to help you with how much it takes before someone succeeds. There are ‘special’ occasions where somethings go faster or where things ‘just happen’, but if you put in the work, it will eventually, even for you, ‘just happen’.

Lesson 2 | Emotional appeal (Combined with storytelling)

If you read my Artist Marketing E-Books, you learned that people remember stories and that telling your story works better than all other Marketing ‘strategies’.

Can you feel it coming?

The same for your rap music! Write about the topics you actually care about. I love to listen every now and then to something Lil Pump created, but it never lasts long. It is a hype. But what if you tell / rap about your relationship with your girlfriend or your connection with your family? People can place their selves in your story and that is the best thing you can try to become and find the person you want to become eventually.


Bonus tip from someone we all know: According to Eminem himself, “I wrote dozens of boxes of notebooks filled with potential rap lyrics over my entire career.” What you can learn from that? Write a lot, practice a lot and start filling your notebooks.

Lesson 3 | Study, study, study & understand!

I am not the, so called, ‘school type of guy’. But I do spent an average of 4 hours every day into Marketing, Music Theory and Market Research. What you can learn out of this? Study the most important things that you can find (for free) on the internet!

  • Start studying poetry, to improve your ‘word game’ by putting words together that rhyme and sound catchy.

  • Start studying literature, to improve your ‘word game’ which you can combine with everything you have learned from studying poetry.

  • Start studying music. I listen a lot to opera and other ‘weird’ genres that has nothing to do with the beats I create, but it helps me improve my quality. Beethoven actually learned me through his music how I can combine endless sounds into one major and unique lead sound. (This is just a perspective from me. You can study any type of music.)

Why is it important to WATCH OUT  while you are studying music that already exists?

People are really fast at copying something that they already heard. If I listen to Bruno Mars before I start creating a new masterpiece, my beats automatically sound like the style of Bruno Mars. It is just that ‘subconscious’ thing that will never let you create your own style if you are ‘busy’ with other styles. (This is just a heads up!)

Now it is time to tell you why it is so important to study all of the three things I mentioned above…

If you learn to put words together with an unique rhythm, unique patterns and an experienced meaning you will ‘produce’ way better raps than you did before you learned all these things. Rapping at its most basic level is reciting rhyming lyrics over a hip-hop beat, but good and professional raps are a (or multiple) steps further than that. Good raps have dynamism and (should have) an unique flow that keeps the song interesting and worth to play a second time.

  • Bonus story

According to the website, copyblogger, Eminem said: Write and read as much as you possibly can. Eminems practice was and is endless and he recently broke his own record with his song Godzilla. Why I told you this? Maybe you do not believe me, but if someone who already made it told you.

Lesson 4 | Practice your delivery just like you did for your exams

Having one of the greatest lyrics in the world will not get you anywhere if your presentation is bad. There are a lot of things we can talk about now, but I think these 3 are the most important ones:

  • Your emotion | 6ix9ine brings energy / The Weeknd brings Emotion

Lesson? Act like your song! I produce energetic rap beats and you can see my energy in almost all my videos. The one time I created a LoFi beat my followers did not even watched the video at all.

  • Make your voice interesting

Lesson? Figure out what the most interesting part is about your voice and OWN that. No one can copy YOU, I already told that several times in the Artist Marketing E-Book, and that is exactly what you can use to stand out. Do not try to imitate other rappers, create and capitalize your own unique sound.

  • Your attitude

Lesson? You might already know this, but your attitude is something that can be compared with the Storytelling aspect.

  • If people like your story, they will remember it.
  • If people like your attitude, they will remember it.

In other words: be and stay (true) to yourself. Nothing is better than a honest person and I think I am not the only one who has that same view.

If you have time, I still want to add a few more interesting and important pieces of advice that can help you to perform better when you are doing shows at (new) places.

Practicing your rap lyrics loudly and passionately at home will help you when you actually need to perform somewhere. I cannot mention it enough but practicing is important to deliver ‘the complete’ package.

Think about it like this:

‘You are walking on the streets and you just remembered you really need to get yourself a new phone. You see the Apple Store and think: “Oh yeah. I want that!”, but when you enter the store no one is actually helping you and it turns out all the Phones are sold out. You might think: “Well, then I just order one online” and you eventually received the iPhone. But the phone does not even has SIRI and the Charging Cable is broken. You literally wasted days of your time and received a bad product’ (This is an example that never happened to me before. I love Apple, but this may actually bring up other problems you had with unfinished products or packages.)

Sounds like a horrible story right? Well, try to learn from it. What would people think about you when you deliver an ‘un’-complete package to them? You are trying to become an independent artist, act like it!

  • Last words

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