Custom-Made | Complete Rap Growth Bundle

Custom-Made | Complete Rap Growth Bundle

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Marketing Campaign
Social Media Plan

Without marketing, virality is your only change of being heard. Yes, it is possible, but it is far from easy and a very long process. Marketing is great to target your ideal audience.

SoundsByFrenk Social Media Music Marketing. Promote your rap music with Social Media
How to grow on Spotify as a Rap Artist in 2022? SoundsByFrenk
Social Media?

I reach over 25 million people a month on Social Media with the pages I own. I have a huge advantage and you can do the exact same thing with the right strategy!

SoundsByFrenk Social Media Marketing
SoundsByFrenk working with Pal-V. The first flying car in the world. SoundsByFrenk best commercial hiphop instrumentals online.
Why artwork?

Your artwork is the first thing a potential fan sees when he is scrolling through Spotify or Apple Music.


SoundsByFrenk quickly became my go-to producer after I bought my very first beat from him (Which is featured on GRM DAILY!)

Shao Dow

SoundsByFrenk became a friend and I would love to meet him in person soon. He is so energetic and always shows love!


Frenk is the hardest working person I have met online. I requested many custom beats from him and he always satisfied me with the best quality.